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New to the ICO - Information Commissioners Office?

ICO Tool Kit
Could the ICO toolkit help your business?

Our online self-assessment toolkit is designed to help organisations check their compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Among those who have benefitted from the toolkit so far is Simon Burnham, from Solent Psychology LLP.

He said: “We are a small organisation but because of the nature of the services we provide, good data protection practice is central to what we offer our clients. The toolkit has helped us to improve our practice in three areas:
•We now make better informed decisions about the information we need to retain and information we can and should dispose of.
•We reviewed our practices around the safe disposal of information in both paper and electronic forms.
•The toolkit also helped us to review and improve our working practices when mobile working and holding data away from our office base.

We intend to use the toolkit as part of an annual review of our data protection policy and procedures.”

Take a look at the self-assessment toolkit on our website and see if your business could benefit.

ICO live chat

The ICO has launched a live chat tool which allows you to have an online conversation with a member of the customer contact team. It’s an alternative to our telephone helpline and is now one of the quickest ways to contact us. Live chat is currently running during office hours, providing helpline staff are available.