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Icon representing NaCTSO Guidance Note 2A/2015

NaCTSO Guidance Note 2A/2015

Reviewing your Protective Security
NaCTSO Guidance Note 2A/2015
There is no change to the UK threat level which remains at SEVERE, this means an attack is

highly likely. Following recent attacks, it is important that businesses reassure their staff to

ensure they are alert, but not alarmed. This is the right moment for businesses to review their

security plans to ensure that the measures they should already have in place, are still current

and have been tested to ensure staff are prepared and confident.


Use this checklist to consider what steps you could take to:

a) reassure your staff

b) review and implement proportionate protect and prepare security planning


1. STAY SAFE:  Have all your staff watched the STAY SAFE online video?

2. Staff Awareness: Have you briefed your staff on how they can recognise suspicious
    activity? http://www.cpni.gov.uk/advice/Personnel-security1/Employee-vigilance/


Are your staff aware of the procedures to follow should they suspect suspicious
behaviour? (Anti Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321. If you require an immediate response call

3. Security Planning: When did you last review your security plans? Do they include
    firearms and other weapons attack response planning?


4. Response Planning: Do you have response plans to implement enhanced security

    measures should there be a threat increase? Have you tested and exercised your

    response plans in the last 12 months?



5. Search Planning: Do you have plans to search your site to deal effectively with either

    bomb threats or for secreted threat items, and are your staff familiar with those

    plans? www.gov.uk/government/collections/crowded-places#sector-specificguidance


Do you have a person and vehicle, search and screening policy and plan, that you can

implement should there be a threat increase?

Business as usual search and screen (looking for prohibited items) should, when

done well, provide a very good capability to detect larger terrorist items concealed

about the person.

Ensure the search and screening regime in place at the venue is done well
Consider provisional search and screening on the approach or outside the venue, for example a visual check inside jackets and bags
Provide effective public address messaging of people as they approach, asking people to prepare for additional search and screening. This should reduce unacceptable delay
Prior notification (at point of sale or media) of these extra security measures and encouraging people to arrive early, will smooth peaks and allow safe and effective searching
6. Response: Do you have a process to dynamically lock down your site (or parts) if

    required? Is the communication method used to achieve this effective? Have you

    tested this plan? www.gov.uk/government/collections/crowded-places

    Have you reviewed your invacuation and/or evacuation plans in response to terrorist



7. Preparedness: Are your first aid kits and emergency grab bags checked regularly,

    complete and accessible?


8. Physical Security: Have you checked CCTV systems? Are they all working correctly?

    Are the date/time stamps accurate? http://www.cpni.gov.uk/advice/Physicalsecurity/    CCTV/


9. Security Culture: Are all staff identifiable and wearing identification? Do you

    encourage staff to challenge anyone in their building not displaying ID?



10. Information Security: Have you implemented the 10 Steps to Cyber Security? Have

      you reviewed or considered your staff social networking policy?

     https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/cyber-risk-management-a-boardlevel-      responsibility

     http://www.cpni.gov.uk/advice/Personnel-security1/Employee-Digital-Footprint-     Campaign/

For further advice and guidance please visit the NaCTSO website: www.nactso.gov.uk

Above content, kindly supplied by
Carol Douthwaite

Office and Administration Manager

Security Institute

t: 08453 707717

e:  carol@security-institute.org