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Icon representing Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims
Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims

May 24th 2017
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NCSC: Latest statement on international ransomware cyber attack

May 15th 2017
Icon representing 'Alarming' rise in ransomware
'Alarming' rise in ransomware

May 11th 2017


Have you ever had your email account hacked?

Yes, but only once.
Yes, several times.
No, never.
Not that I know of.

Six essential processes for keeping data secure

August 1st 2016
"Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has at its disposal, covering anything from financial transactions to important customer and prospect details. Using data effectively can positively impact everything from decision-making to marketing and sales effectiveness. That makes it vital for businesses to take data security seriously and ensure the necessary precautions are in place to protect this important asset"

Excellent item here on the Computer weekly site re secure data and the issues to be aware of re the GDPR

"Just 2% of more than 15,000 enterprise cloud applications analysed are GDPR-ready, according to a cloud risk report.
A last dash for compliance with the GDPR has begun across Europe – despite a two-year warning, some organisations will fall short, and Brexit is no excuse for UK companies.
The staffing impact of the GDPR will be huge, with 28,000 data protection officers in Europe alone, says the International Association of Privacy Professionals"