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Icon representing Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims
Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims

May 24th 2017
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NCSC: Latest statement on international ransomware cyber attack

May 15th 2017
Icon representing 'Alarming' rise in ransomware
'Alarming' rise in ransomware

May 11th 2017


Have you ever had your email account hacked?

Yes, but only once.
Yes, several times.
No, never.
Not that I know of.

New series of Weekly(when possible) Cyber / Digital advisory notices

Advisory and current threats 
September 30th 2015
Advisory and current threats
“Please note that this is not an ALERT, but an advisory message making you aware of current threats and advice”

Please see the attached, which you may consider disseminating to your staff / contacts, also noting that this message is available for a wide range of community partners, businesses, colleagues and peer groups across Gloucestershire and beyond.

If you would like more specific information and news, then visit the CERT UK  (Computer Emergency Response Team) see this link: https://www.cert.gov.uk/resources/news/

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre, providing a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime visit www.actionfraud.police.uk

There is no requirement to contact me in respect of the content of this and future messages as any advice to remedy the threat is contained within each slide. 

Note : I am not the author of the information supplied, which has been adapted and sanitised for external use from an trusted official source.

However if you require further advice / guidance, having exhausted your search, please contact myself, or see the additional Cyber related information at the end of the address block.

Kind regards

Mark Godsland Ad Cert Ed & Cp

Force Safer Cyber & Business Harm Reduction Advisor

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