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Icon representing 44CON - Cyber Security
44CON - Cyber Security

April 28th 2015
Icon representing Gloucestershire Business Show - Cyber Security Theme
Gloucestershire Business Show - Cyber Security Theme

May 13th 2015 to May 14th 2015

Gloucestershire Business Show - Cyber Security Theme

Cheltenham Race Course 
May 13th 2015 to May 14th 2015
Cheltenham Race Course
Gloucestershire Business Show showcases many business initiatives throughout Gloucestershire including the key theme of Cyber Security that features four presentations:

The Real Business Risk Position
- Wednesday 13 May 14:55
Significant leaders from the world of Cyber Security Research, Development & Training join us to present the current, developing position in Cyber security, what it means for business today and the implications for tomorrow.

Business Communications - Thursday 14 May 11:10
We explore plans to develop a multi-tiered Cyber-security forum - run by significant authorities in research, development and policing the internet, contributed to by significant businesses and accessible at a number of levels by businesses from the man on the street to major corporate and multinationals.

Cyber Awareness - Launch of a New Forum - Thursday 14 May 13:45
We are joined by some of the County and the UK’s frontline team in combatting Cyber Security. This session will look at Business awareness of the risks around Cyber security, the practical housekeeping around business protection and the advice available to business to stay up to date.

Risks in Business Management - Thursday 14 May 16:00
Civil Law, IP protection, Disaster Recovery Cyber Insurance – in a fast moving digital world, the area of Cyber threat is growing fast. What happens if you’re targeted? What are the implications? What can be done to manage the risk and deal with the aftermath?