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Icon representing Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims
Alert - Microsoft Tech-Support Scammers using WannaCry attack to lure victims

May 24th 2017
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NCSC: Latest statement on international ransomware cyber attack

May 15th 2017
Icon representing 'Alarming' rise in ransomware
'Alarming' rise in ransomware

May 11th 2017


Would you consider a cyber security certification for your business?

Yes, it's a potential USP, you can't put a price on that
No, it's not worth the time investment
Yes, provided it was cost proportionate to my size of business
No, they're too expensive
Yes, it demonstrates my commitment to the security of the data I hold

Free Cyber Security Webinar 1300 BST 15/10/15

October 10th 2015
Small business owners know keeping the firm secure online is as important as locking the office each evening – yet many still take unnecessary risks by ignoring cyber security basics.

Defending your business against cybercrime needn’t be time consuming or costly, even just a few basic measures can leave you better equipped against hackers and viruses.

In this webinar, leading advocates from the Cyber Streetwise campaign will outline the key steps you need to take to make your business more secure online.

This discussion will help you understand:
  • How small business underestimates the threat to profitability posed by cyber crime
  • The common risks small businesses face online – and what to do about them
  • Best practices for a small business that wants to improve its cyber security